Last Call: Win a copy of The Whispered World

Sure E3 has exploded its big gamey load all over the industry, but don’t you just want to sit back and win something every once in a while. Dtoid always has you covered for that. This time we’re giving away five copies of point-and-click adventure game The Whispered World, and you could win one of them.

If you read our review on the game you know it’s a very solid entry in the genre that fans of said genre will really enjoy it. The art alone is worth a trip through the game, and if you don’t have to pay for it then that’s even better!

So, how to win. We’re going to make this one easy. Throughout my writing of that review above I constantly was writing the name of the game as “The Whispered Word.” By the end of the review I was seriously beginning to wonder what word the whispered word was. I have no clue, so tell me! Be funny, be interesting. Do it with text, image or Photoshop.

The contest ends tonight, so get your entries in.

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