Larry Bird and Magic Johnson will be bosses in NBA Jam

NBA Jam is a revival of a classic game, so it stands to reason that the Wii-exclusive title will feature classic players. MTV Multiplayer confirmed this when they spoke to the game’s creative director, Trey Smith, about the main gameplay mode in NBA Jam, Classic Campaign.

Just like in the old days, the campaign is a “worst-to-first ladder tournament”; the 2010 NBA champion will be the penultimate opponent, and in the final battle, you’ll face off against the legendary duo of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

Smith wouldn’t reveal any other special characters, so we’ll just have to wait and see if EA Canada includes, say, the Chicago Bulls mascot for old time’s sake. NBA Jam is due out this fall. If you want to see it in motion, check out the debut trailer here.

Exclusive: Magic Johnson And Larry Bird Confirmed For ‘NBA Jam’ [MTV Multiplayer]


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