Large shipments of Dark Pit amiibo reported all across the US

This one shouldn’t be too much trouble

Well, US-based amiibo collectors: it seems as if your hobby has gotten significantly less stressful since the wave 4 pre-order debacle. Despite the most recent partial wave being made up of two store exclusives, things aren’t all that bad. Last week, Palutena was up on Amazon for over an hour. Now, it seems as if Best Buy-exclusive Dark Pit will be similarly well-stocked.

According to various Best Buy employees, stores around the United States will get about 50 Dark Pit amiibo each. A thread on the amiibo subreddit compiles the many reports. Of course, the number grows and shrinks based on store traffic, but 15 or so seems like the low end; some locations will receive upward of 80 of the figure.

The seemingly decent availability for Dark Pit can be attributed to two factors. Best Buy’s not offering a pre-order window or online ordering for this amiibo — it’s in-store, day of release only. Second, Nintendo’s done a better job in recent months with new releases and restocks. This has caused the scalper market to drop off sharply, meaning that people getting these amiibo are people who actually want the amiibo.

All of those factors combined mean that you’ll most likely be able to get a Dark Pit amiibo without camping overnight for it. However, it might be pressing your luck to not be there when the doors open. Hey, I said things are less stressful, not stress-free.

Unofficial MegaThread- Dark Pit Numbers for 7/31 Release? [reddit]

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