Lara Croft in Dead by Daylight
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Lara Croft will gruesomely and repeatedly die, yet again, in new Dead by Daylight crossover

She arrives next month

With a brand new Tomb Raider game still nowhere to be seen, fans are having to make do elsewhere. The remastered collection of the first three games was admittedly welcome, as was the addition to Tomb Raider Legend on PlayStation Plus. And now Lara Croft is set to appear as the newest crossover character in Dead by Daylight.

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This news had leaked beforehand, but developer Behaviour Interactive has since formally confirmed Lara’s inclusion on its website. Unsurprisingly, her appearance is based on how she looked in the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot. Given how the modern games have offered a more grounded take on Lara, with her forced to survive in harsh environments, this depiction of the character is certainly a better fit for Dead by Daylight than her original 90’s action hero persona.

Lara Croft opening chest in Dead by Daylight near ruined motel
Image via Behaviour Interactive

Plus, Crystal Dynamics’ Survivor trilogy is known for allowing Lara to die in all manner of gruesome ways. With her now at the mercy of Dead by Daylight‘s various serial killers, I kind of hope the next game is just her chilling on a nice beach somewhere. She could do with a break.

Lara will become playable on July 26, but anyone with access to the public test build on Steam can try her out right now. As such, the most recent patch notes on Reddit have broken down what her perks are. One such perk lets her vault much faster than normal when active, and she can gain special tokens from opening chests that can then be used to reduce the maximum required generator progress.

This is a neat crossover and all, but I’m far more intrigued in whatever Crystal Dynamics is working on. There’s very little official info on the next Tomb Raider game, though Amazon will help in publishing it. Unfortunately, Crystal Dynamics was among the many studios under Embracer Group to be hit with layoffs, which may have hampered development somewhat. The studio’s also busy assisting with Microsoft’s Perfect Dark reboot, which finally saw a proper trailer during the latest Xbox showcase.

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