Langrisser I & II being remade for PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Old school strategy titles return for a new generation

Earlier this week, Japanese merchandisers Chara-ani announced the surprising news that the classic early ’90s strategy RPGs, Langrisser and Langrisser II, are to be remade for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

The Langrisser series, which began way back in 1991 and has been receiving sequels as recently as 2015, are war-based strategy titles, supported by deep lore and fantastical themes. The first two games launched on the Sega Mega Drive, though they would see eventual ports to a variety of formats including the PC, Super Famicom and PC Engine.

The Langrisser I & II remakes are new projects and will rebuild the games, from the ground up, to meet the advancements in gaming technology since the heady days of ’91. The remakes will have in-battle cutscenes to forward the story, and are being designed with accessibility in mind. The latest issue of Famitsu featured images of Langrisser’s cast, who have been redesigned by Ryo Nagi of Ar Tonelico fame.

Langrisser I & II is currently in development for PS4 and Switch. Development is said to be 50% complete.

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