‘LaboMan’ is the hero we deserve in Super Smash Bros.

He’s more than just cardboard…he’s also half Joy-Con!

We’re in a wonderful time frame that we don’t see very often: a time frame between the announcement and release of a new Super Smash Bros. It’s a magical time of rampant speculation, character predictions, and people arguing on the internet whether or not Ridely is too big for Smash.

But, Javed L. Sterritt, an Australian YouTuber, proposes something different. He proposes…


Javed showcases the concept of this small cardboard warrior with a speedy move set that includes swinging around the Joy-Con on his back and even transforming into a cardboard piano mid-air and falling down onto his enemies.

In my opinion, LaboMan could easily be a comedic and standout addition to the Smash roster. With the release of Nintendo Labo kits also right around the corner, the potential for that move set could still easily be expanded upon — just imagine the potential of the fishing rod!

The timing of this concept is right. The time is now. The world is ready for LaboMan. Especially with other Nintendo peripheral stars such as the Wii Fit Trainer making an appearance in the previous game, dare I say it, LaboMan is the next and obvious step for Nintendo.

Javid L. Sterritt [Twitter]

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