Labo VR just added two free DLC minigames through the Switch news channel

Convoluted, but free

If you’re still playing Labo VR (sorry, Labo-04 VR Kit) Nintendo has just added a few little extras to jump on. “All” you need to do is head to the Nintendo news channel system on Switch and download two new minigames (free DLC essentially) to your system, which will in turn make them available to play in Labo VR proper.

Basically just find the news article, go to the bottom, and hit “open and receive sample” at the end of the piece. If it’s not popping up just add the Labo channel proper to your feed and view that specific series to locate it: it should be easy to find based on the screen above.

For reference, the free DLC involves a home run derby and a maze that you guide a little robot through. It’s not a bad way to spend 30 minutes.

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