Label yourself a permadork for life: Wii cufflinks

Per the words of our own resident tipster Jonathan Ross, these Wii cufflinks hover somewhere between awesome and ridiculous. Awesome because if you’re a raving Wii fan, you can show it off mack daddy style with silver cufflinks in the shape of the infamous Wiimote. The ridiculous part of the equation comes at the part where you actually reach for your wallet and realize these little guys will set you back $150. Whoa, people! Since when do gamers have $150 to blow that they haven’t already spent on games?

Somehow, this reminds me of all that metrosexual Mario talk back from last January. I’m not saying we can’t have nice things, but rather that to a gamer the value of a dollar is probably better spent on the focus of our obsessions – games themselves – rather than iconic and pricey objects having to do with our hobby. If you’re buying them as we speak, I’m sure I’ll get hate mail about my stance on them. This is good because I just set up a separate post office box for hate mail, which I periodically douse with gasoline and set on fire.

[Via Electric Pig – Thanks Jonathan!]

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