LA Noire concept art looks good, means nothing

There are a few great signs that something is actually vaporware. The most prominent sign is usually a game never actually having a release date, but always being hinted at as being released sometime within the next year. That’s one check for L.A. Noire as we’ve been putting it on most anticipated lists since its announcement way back in 2006. The Rockstar published/Team Bondi developed game also lacks a confirmed console (though it is rumored as a PS3 exclusive), which is yet another sign of vaporware, by the way. So that’s two strikes.

Another strong sign of vaporware is after three years of development a game hasn’t shown off any gameplay, but concept art keeps cropping up. Oh, and here we have strike three for L.A. Noire. Superannuation has discovered some pretty cool looking concept art for L.A. Noire. It looks nice, but you know what it isn’t? It isn’t proof that a game exists and thus, and I know this is a bold move, I declare L.A. Noire the new Duke Nukem. Nice art though, really.

Matthew Razak