La-Mulana dated for Japan, PS3 teased

The La-Mulana development blog has updated, finally giving release information for the title’s long-awaited arrival on WiiWare. The Japanese will be getting first crack at the title on June 21st. Meanwhile, the US and European versions of the game are in their final debugging phase should be receiving their own dates soon.

Curiously, the header of the blog post bearing this news (visible only on the home page) features an adorable blue something-or-other lounging on a PS3 controller. A similar image of the character on a Wii remote was used previously on the blog, though the usage of neither seems terribly significant to the content of their respective posts.

It’s probably just a cute image with no deeper meaning, as the team at NIGORO seems to have had a hard enough time getting the game on to one console platform as it is. A cruel tease, even if unintentional, as I’m sure there are a lot of PS3-owners (this one included) who wouldn’t mind this title hitting PSN one little bit. Nobody can stop you from dreaming, however, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Japan Pre-release Information [La-Mulana]

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