L.A. Noire trailer reveals May 17 release date

[Update: It looks like someone jumped the gun, and as expected, the trailer was pulled. If you missed it, keep your eyes open for the official release next week. In the meantime, mark those calendars — L.A. Noire is only a few short months away.]

A trailer due out next week has crept onto the Internet early, bringing with it the news that L.A. Noire, Rockstar’s stylish action title, is due out on May 17. 

We’re not sure if Rockstar will try to remove this trailer or just let the damage be done, so make sure you grab a peek at the footage while you can. It reveals the game’s main plot, which revolves around the hunt for a serial killer. 

I love a good serial killer story, so I’ll be keeping my eye on this one. Hopefully it turns out well — they’ve had since 2006 to make the damn thing good, after all.

James Stephanie Sterling