Kunio-kun/River City invades Smash Ultimate this week

River City Spirits

Nintendo is keeping the Smash Ultimate events running, and following a cool little amiibo tournament, we’re back to spirits again.

These spirits are a little more interesting than your average fare though, as Smash Ultimate is welcoming the Kunio-kun series with open arms: otherwise known as River City in the west. The event itself is straightforward, as you’ll be able to pick up four spirits over the course of the weekend in various poses: including a sprite with the memorable baseball bat weapon.

Now where’s our River City Girls DLC fighters?! This is the first step of that master plan that will eventually be unveiled by the end of 2021, right? Either way these sorts of cross-promotions are great. It looks like everyone wants in on Smash at this point and no franchise (even ones currently owned by Microsoft!) can be counted out.

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