Kuju launches digital distribution focused doublesix

Kuju Entertainment has announced a new studio, doublesix, which is said to focus on downloadable format videogames — Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, WiiWare, and PC. Built around the Kuju teams that created Geometry Wars: Galaxies, doublesix intends to focus on easy to play, hard to put down titles.

“Rolling a ‘double six’ is about having another go,” said studio James Brooksby, “and that embodies what we’re about — addictive, fun games that you always want to go back to.”

Doublesix’s goal is to become the “go-to studio for any digital download project,” with a strong belief that online, multiplayer and downloadable games will be the “next big thing” in videogames. 

“We believe the future of digitally-distributed games promises to be more diverse than ever in respect to the scale and genre of development, and with respect to the business models,” continues Brooksby, as we imagine him adjusting his ascot. “We’re here to offer publishers the technical know-how and creativity they need.”

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