KrissX making it to Xbox LIVE Arcade this week

Curious as to how you go about sending your download-only game to die? Listen up, and you shall be enlightened! This Wednesday’s only release for Xbox LIVE Arcade is a word puzzle game called KrissX.

You know something is up when the man who informs the Internet masses about XBLA happenings doesn’t know much at all about the game. Major Nelson was able to name a price — the standard $10 going rate — but little beyond that.

On my quest for information, I found out that Konami is publishing KrissX, while the development duties were handled by Blitz Arcade. Hell, the ESRB had the best description of what this thing is: “players switch two letters at a time to form words to solve a word puzzle. Some modes of play prompt players by providing hints to guess the correct word (e.g., “aisle – Like ‘passage'” and “anguish – Like ‘hurting.'”

Again, if you want your digitally distributed game to sell poorly, provide little to no info, zero marketing support, and genuinely act as if the game does not exist.

This week on Arcade: KrissX [Major Nelson]

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