Kratos confirmed for LittleBigPlanet … in a fashion

Never before has a marauding mass-killer-turned-servant-of-the-Gods looked so utterly darling. This clothsome Kratos highlights some of the potential fun that could be had from the sack-faced denizens of LittleBigPlanet, and can be yours to enjoy in the game as part of its pre-order bonuses.

This is said to be but one of a variety of exclusives that you can net for pre-ordering the PS3’s highly anticipated platform builder. It’s a great idea, and looks retardedly cute. Definitely one of the few pre-order bonuses that I’m actively impressed by. 

Hopefully, this leads to the “clothisization” of more videogame characters. Someone already mocked up a sack-headed Solid Snake, and I could definitely see a Dante or Drake in the future. Enough of such airheaded nonsense, however, and let us be glad that LittleBigPlanet is finally heading to the PS3 soon. Got there before Home did.

[Thanks to Madninja]

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