Kowloon High School Chronicle hunts for treasure on Steam in November

Kowloon High School Chronicle

The dungeon crawler makes its way to PC

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Dungeon-crawling RPG Kowloon High School Chronicle is making its way to PC via Steam. Arc System Works is releasing the updated version of the PS2 RPG onto Steam on November 10.

This remastered version has already been released for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Now, PC players will get a chance to check out this older dungeon crawler. The Steam page is live here.

Kowloon High School Chronicle first launched for PlayStation 2 in Japan, back in 2004. The new remaster not only brings it to new systems, but adds some revamped graphics.

The set-up of Kowloon is pretty interesting, too. You play a young treasure hunter masquerading as a transfer student. During the day, the player attends class and hangs out with friends, using a novel and slightly bizarre conversation system to foster relationships.

Then at night, the protagonist and their party can venture into the labyrinths and catacombs beneath the school, in pursuit of hidden treasure. This is where it becomes a first-person dungeon crawler, with some pretty neat puzzles.

Daily life of treasure hunters

I’ve played a solid chunk of the Nintendo Switch version of Kowloon High School Chronicle, and it’s definitely a different kind of RPG. Between the style, music, and life sim elements, it’s got a fair bit of Persona in it.

But I’m also a big fan of crunchy, weird interfaces and old internet UI. I mean, look at this wanted ad from the game’s in-universe internet.

If you want something offbeat, this might be what you’re looking for. Especially those of you looking to load up the Steam Deck with RPGs before the holidays.

Kowloon High School Chronicle hits PC via Steam on November 10, and is also currently available on PS4 and Switch.

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