Korg DS-10 gets its own expo!

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Sound nerds such as our own beloved Dale North can tell you that the Korg DS-10 is possibly the coolest thing to hit the DS, well, ever. Of course, if you like to shoot stuff it certainly won’t be your cup of tea, but if you already have a houseful of keyboards and instruments, you know this seriously rocks.

Get ready to rock harder, because the Korg DS-10 has earned it’s own event: The Korg DS-10 Expo.  Beginning October 26, 2008 from 1:30PM to 6:00PM, AQ Entertainment will host the “KORG DS-10 EXPO 2008 in TOKYO” in Shibuya at club axxcis. Of course, that’s in Tokyo, so it may be a bit far fo you if you don’t live in Japan.

If you do live in Japan, lucky you! You can score tickets for 1,800 Yen starting October 21st or for 2,000 Yen at the door. I can only hope events like this eventually show up in the U.S., as I’d love to see what people have created using the DS-10. Sadly I’m not much for writing music, but the idea of nerding out to other people’s creations si pretty heavenly.

[Via Original Soundversion — Thanks, Brian]

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