Korea’s ratings board lists Crazy Taxi, Sonic Adventure

Talk about a blast from the past! You’d think that Korea just caught up, and is now getting their first Dreamcasts soon. Heh. Who am I kidding. South Korea is a nation of gamers. They scoff at my 20 hours a week gaming “habit.”

The rumor behind this Microsoft Korea submission of Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventure to the Korean ratings board is that the classic Dreamcast titles could come to Xbox Live Arcade. Sega’s not saying, but it sounds like something that was supposed to be a E3 surprise for week after next.

Keep in mind that both of these titles have been rumored to be coming to XBLA for awhile now. It’s looking more likely now.

Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi submitted to Korean ratings board by Microsoft [Joystiq]

Dale North