KontrolFreek giving away a $2,000 arcade machine

Have a really sh*tty game room? Good, because KontrolFreek wants to hook you up. Take a picture of your disgusting setup, send it to KontrolFreek and you may just end up winning a Rcade Cabinet valued at $2,000. Once submitted, get your friends and family to vote for your horrible excuse of a living situation. That is if you’re not too embarrassed to let your loved ones see pictures of your house.

Runner-up winners will win the new Mortal Kombat or discounts on KontrolFreek products, like their new analog joystick adapters called the Rcade Freek that mimic arcade-like joysticks. I haven’t used KontrolFreek adapters yet but I have friends that swear by the other analog stick adapters, especially when it comes to the first-person shooters.

Hamza Aziz