Konami’s E3 webpage: Conference stream, character mashups

That’s the new hot thing, isn’t it? Stream your press conference live on the internet. Konami says they’ll be joining the streaming fun week after next with their own E3 webpage.  They’re inviting fans to be “honorary press members” with the streaming of this event that is normally closed to the public.

Follow the site and you’ll get a daily update of what happens at E3 this year with Konami products. Along with these updates they promise “community-driven Konami character mashups, daily game giveaways, best blog contest, and more.” The mash-up thing sounds crazy. Right now they’re suggesting and letting people vote on a mash-up of Johnny Sasaki and Pyramid Head. Woah.

If you want to watch the stream you’ll have to register at their page. “Secure your seat,” they say.

Dale North