Konami says PT won’t work on PS5, but that seems wrong

Transfers should still work

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Two weeks ago, Sony revealed the 10 PlayStation 4 games that won’t work on PS5. It’s a small list, and there’s nothing of real consequence being left behind. One game wasn’t mentioned meaning it’s de facto backward compatible, but people wanted confirmation anyway.

That game is PT. We asked Sony whether PT could be played on PS5, but we never heard back. Everyone was just left to assume that it’d work. Why wouldn’t it work?

Hold up. GamesRadar+ got ahold of Konami who confirmed that PT wouldn’t be backward compatible. Konami says “[PTwill not be available on the PS Store, so users won’t be able to re-download the content through the backwards compatibility feature to the PS5.”

That seems wrong though, doesn’t it? Konami’s statement only appears to address what we already know (and have experienced) with PT. It was delisted in April 2015 after the announcement that Silent Hills was canceled. Nobody has been able to download PT for more than five years.

But, Konami’s seemingly ignoring the option to transfer it from hard drives for people who already have it downloaded. Sony has said the transfer process works for both wired and wireless connections. Simply moving the game from PS4 to PS5 should work. Or, at least we don’t have any evidence as to why it shouldn’t work. Time will tell, but it kind of appears as though Konami missed the intention behind this question.

PT won’t be backwards compatible with the PS5 [GamesRadar+]

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