Konami remaking cold war epic Rush’n Attack

In 1985, the cold war was still going, though it would soon be hobbling on its last legs. We still hated those commie pinko bastards and we all knew we’d shoot one if we ever had the chance. Rush’n Attack gave us that opportunity… and then whooped us silly with its relentless, quarter-munching assault.

At last night’s Konami press event, the world was shown a new remake of the classic arcade run-and-gun, called Rush’n Attack: Ex-Patriot to be released in the fall on PSN and XBLA. So, I guess we have a whole new Red Scare to worry about. And it’s built on the Unreal engine, so it’s gonna look pretty. Just look at that screenshot! I’m going to die over and over in hi-def!

We’ll have more details about the game later from Ben Perlee, but the news is just so exciting to me personally that I couldn’t resist the urge to tell you it was happening. 

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