Konami may kill Ben and me next week at their Gamer’s Night

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Next week, Ben PerLee and I are heading to San Francisco to attend Konami’s Gamer Night party. Typically, I just get a simple e-mail from videogame companies telling me that they want to show me their games. Today, Konami gave me a little something extra and sent me a video invite.

The video stars Jigsaw from the Saw movies and he wants to know if I want to play a game. At first I thought it was cool, but then I got to thinking and, well, I strongly believe that Konami is trying to murder me now. Due to my devotion to the robot however, I’m still going to go. Luckily, Ben is coming with me and since I hold seniority over Ben, I’m going to send him in first. If Ben isn’t killed within ten minutes after I shove him through the door, then I’ll know everything is okay. 

The video after the jump shows gameplay from the Saw game which was just announced yesterday. The video also says that you’re invited to the party, but you’re not really invited since it was just made for press. You can try and sneak your way in, but you might get killed if they catch you. 

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