Konami hilariously tweets about Silent Hill, then apologizes for riling people up

Silent Hill

It’s a three act play

This is the sort of thing you can only imagine happening on the official Konami Twitter account. Amazingly, a saga unfolded this past weekend involving Silent Hill, and it happened in three acts.

Act one: Konami tweets an audio clip of Silent Hill 2‘s siren, telling people “close your eyes…always scary.” In this era of constant summer announcements, folks understandably assumed that this was a tease for something Silent Hill related. But after a bevy of tweets from fans, the account quickly walked back any hope of a tease.

Act two: Konami tweets “easy there, internet.” Evidently the social team was “watching streams of Dead by Daylight” and “thought [they] would share the noise and feel of being hunted.” Doubling down, they tweeted out that they “won’t take the tweet down and backpedal.” Well, that solves that!

Act three: the account changes its tone and apologizes, saying they are “sorry [they] got people fired up.” The tweet follows up by saying that “anything official would come from the Silent Hill Twitter or an event,” rather than the official Konami Twitter account (what).

While stuff like this happens, whoever was in charge of the account at the time probably wasn’t aware of the baggage that Konami is still carrying with P.T. and the unceremonious firing of Kojima. While expectations should always be kept in check, social media can be a testy place, especially right now!

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