Konami gave me the best swag ever

Last week, Ben PerLee and I attended the Konami Gamer’s Night in San Francisco. Upon leaving the event, Konami handed us a very unique piece of swag. Konami was giving out vials of “blood” with information on it showing members of the press where they can get all the assets for the Konami and Hudson games you saw posted throughout the day today. 

Last night while putting some finishing touches on my previews for today, I was playing around with the vial of blood when I happened to notice two things. First, Konami filled up past the maxfill line in the vial. They obviously have a complete disregard for safety protocols.

More importantly, the vial says “urinalysis” on it. This means that Konami gave everyone vials of pee pee blood … ewwwwwwwwww! You’re gross, Konami!


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