Konami figures out why MGS V’s ‘Nuclear Disarmament’ event triggered

‘Incorrect values’

Roughly two weeks ago, the “Nuclear Disarmament” on the PC version of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain triggered and let players witness the hidden cutscene that was supposed to be a big surprise. This cutscene should have triggered when every player online laid down their arms and got rid of their nuclear weapons. Clearly that won’t ever happen, so why did this event trigger?

Konami has discovered the reason and it has to deal with “incorrect values.” Taking to Twitter, the company sent out a message that claims the servers for MGS V misinterpreted a value sent to it and assumed the nuke count was at zero. From what I’ve seen online, this seems to deal with integer scaling and how Konami improperly coded the game to use a lesser value. This led to hackers eventually maximizing the nuke count, which then reset the value to zero.

At least Konami is dedicated to making sure this never happens again…despite, you know, allowing hackers and cheaters to proliferate on Metal Gear Online.

Metal Gear Official [Twitter]

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