Kojima wants to do zombies; George Romero wets self

Kotaku, by way of Games Radar has a snippet from the latest issue of EDGE magazine (the European answer to American gaming print journalism), in which Hideo Kojima, developer of the Metal Gear series, and close, personal friend of mine, goes into great detail about his ideas for a game centered on undead hordes; aka zombies. Here’s a quote:

“The zombie idea I have is a bit different,” Kojima told Edge magazine during an interview published in this month’s issue, explaining that he’s “less interested in the idea of the living dead than the fact you can turn people just by biting them”. Perhaps a new idea for any third-party peripheral makers looking for the next big Wii gadget?

Kojima goes on to explore his idea, stressing that he’d like to offer a “truly online version” of the zombocalypse. “Imagine a large town where half the inhabitants are zombies. Users would subscribe, get inside the town and get bitten. At that stage they become undead and can’t control their character – all they can do is modify the camera angles.” So far, so very, very Kojima.

“They’d see their character attacking humans and have to pay just to watch!” Koj continues. “The only way they could end it is by opening another account, hunting themselves down and killing themselves. Of course, the problem is that your second character can get bitten as well.”

Highbrow art-gaming? Check.

Shambling undead hordes? Check.

Necrotic cannibalism? Check and double-check.

If Kojima ever gets around to making this game, I will give him my child. Not just make him a godparent, no, I will actually mail my daughter to him. If he wants to eat her, that’s his business. Anyone who can make me a zombie game like that deserves a delicious baby from time to time.

Earnest Cavalli
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