Kojima teaser site brings false hope of MGS 5 or Snatcher

The people picking apart Hideo Kojima’s latest teases are leading us down a path of disappointment. A teaser site went up for Kojima’s next game, which has now become a countdown, and people are studying and tearing apart everything about the site in an effort to crack some sort of Da Vinci Code.

The latest news is that what looks to be either a “5” or an “S” flashes on the screen, leading the masses to speculate that this game will either be Metal Gear Solid 5 or a brand new Snatcher. The countdown is set to end on May 22, but one can’t help thinking that it’ll lead to yet another countdown, or something equally cocktease-ish. 

As much as I love Kojima’s work, I can’t stand the way he drags out the hype. We’ll see what happens on May 22, but I won’t hold my breath. 

Jim Sterling