Kojima NOT disappointed with PS3, contextualizes (!) prior quotes

Did you hear the one where Hideo Kojima said that the PlayStation 3 was a massive pile of peacock jizz? No? Well that’s because he never said it, but it’s amazing what subtext you can draw from one innocent quote. Kojima was believed to have been “disappointed” with the PlayStation 3 when he discovered it couldn’t make all his ambitions a reality, but the mad genius has come out to provide further context to what was actually said.

Kojima cites crossed wires in the Japanese-to-English translation, and explains that the “disappointment” was not attack on Sony’s black box o’ Blu-ray (bear in mind this is still a translation, so it’s as liable to wire-crossing as the original quote):

“I hate to say this myself, but I am a Japanese man, so I try to be modest, or even more. I don’t wish to brag about it to say ‘Oh I am the MGS4 guy’ or to say ‘This is the best one’, just like how Americans brag stuff like this I do enjoy myself, but in my mind I still think insufficient of myself.

… Let’s say this developer is making a new kind of a car. He claims that this can fly. Now there is no stop when you say ‘There is a car that can fly.’ When you claim that it can fly, the speculation grows from ‘Oh so it can fly?’ and the developer would set his goals higher. The speculation is that if the car flies, then it should reach a MACH speed…but it doesn’t stop there…it’d go beyond the speculation of then ‘it should go into space!’ with all the excitement around, the developer would go deeply into making the car going into space…however, he’ll come up to the public and say the car reaches the MACH speed, but it fails to go into the space. But he shouldn’t give up, because for a car to even reach a mach speed and go into air is revolutionary.

I wished to transfer my thoughts like such, but I guess it didn’t work very well”

Ah, Kojima-San, I do love your insane analogies. Basically, the “MGS 4 guy” is saying (possibly? Who even knows?) that he loves what the PlayStation 3 can do, but it just didn’t quite reach his own lofty ambitions. He was expecting a space car but got a flying car, and even though he’s not eating green cheese on the moon, he is still happy to be flying in his … what the … what the Hell were we talking about again?

Look, just to simplify — Kojima is NOT disappointed with the PS3. That’s it, you can all go home now. And no, that doesn’t give us license to say “Kojima loves the PS3, hates the 360 and Wii and once told Miyamoto to go f*ck himself,” either.

Jim Sterling