Kojima: Just a few weeks away from Metal Gear reveal [Update: MGS iPhone?]

When it comes to that naughty little Metal Gear tease that hit the Internet a few weeks ago, we’re just as in the dark as you are. iPhone game? Xbox 360 game? Are Pogs making a come back?

Who knows? Everyone will soon enough, according to Metal Gear daddy Hideo Kojima. Speaking to 1UP’s Sam Kennedy at the Spike VGAs this past weekend, Kojima said all will be revealed soon. To be more specific, he said it would happen over the next few weeks. 

What could Kojima and company be planning for the new year? Who knows, but my money’s on the Pog thing. 

[Update: Oh hey, by “next few weeks” we meant minutes. A supposed scan from the latest issue of Famitsu (via GoNintendo) reveals that the Metal Gear game in question is for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

So there’s that. More info soon — including validation of this scan — we hope. Thanks to ajay42 for quickly pointing this out.]

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