Kojima hoping to improve MGS: Peace Walker controls

Have you all had a chance to download and play the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker demo? I certainly have, and I thought it was pretty damn promising. Despite the generally positive feedback, however, Kojima Productions is listening to its fans and the studio’s looking into making some improvements to the controls.

When you try and bring a console experience to the PSP, you have to compromise and do your best with the limited control interface, and the developers did well enough to provide two control methods — Action and Shooting. After reading what people have had to say at TGS and on a variety of message boards, Kojima Productions is hoping to make changes “at a quick pace” to make sure this game is everything the fans want. 

With that in mind, a third control scheme, designed to cater to the concerns of those who played the demo, is being planned and should hopefully come to fruition. 

Isn’t it lovely when a developer actually listens to people?

Jim Sterling