Kojima hard at work on two titles, wants to compete with the West

I love the Metal Gear series, and MGS4 was a great send-off for Solid Snake, but I’m itching to see what else Hideo Kojima is capable of. Hopefully we will see some new flavors on Kojima’s menu, as he is directing not one but two new videogames at the time of writing.

As discussed in the latest Famitsu, the first game Kojima is working on will be made in a style similar to his previous work, while the second yet-to-be-announced title is developed with a restructured Kojima Productions and has the Western market firmly in mind. 

Kojima compares Western game development to Hollywood, taking note of the fact that Western games are made to appeal to the entire world. With that in mind, Kojima Productions is in the midst of a makeover “from the ground up” as the Metal Gear mastermind plans to compete on a worldwide stage and match the best that America and Europe has to offer. 

Sounds terrific. Kojima has already done a masterful job with his Metal Gear games and if he is using Western advancement to drive his own team to greater heights, that can only mean grand things for the audience.

Jim Sterling