Kojima expresses MGS4 cutscene regret

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Anyone that has played Metal Gear Solid 4 knows that it is packed with cutscenes. Coming from the role-playing side of gaming, where we’re used to scrolling through text boxes all day long, I didn’t mind the cutsenes one bit. But I could totally see how the action-loving gamer would have an issue or two.

In a recent interview, Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima touched on his cinematic game making style, saying that he is looking for a new approach for future games.

Halo, BioShock — I see their approach, and I think they are brilliant in some ways, but I still feel they lack a kind of deeper storyline or the expression of the feelings of the characters,” he explained. “In MGS4, yes, I put everything in the cut sequences, which I kind of regret to some extent, because maybe there is a new approach which I should think about. I’m always thinking about it — making it interactive but at the same time telling the story part and the drama even more emotionally.” 

A Metal Gear game without cutscenes? That’s like a Jim Sterling without a monocle. Or a Nick Chester without a Rock Band. It’s just so hard to imagine.

And, speaking of a new Metal Gear game, 1UP says that Kojima is leaving the door open to one day create another. While he looks to pass the series to another director, he does say that “when we look ten years into the future, maybe yes, I may well end up spending more time [on the series].”

Did you play MGS4? Did the cutscenes put you out? 

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