Kojima claims next game will break taboo

Hideo Kojima is such a tease. Posting to his Twitter, the mad genius made vague statements about what’s next for him. Claiming that his game is going to, “challenge a certain type of taboo,” and that failure would mean the end of his career, it’s clear he hasn’t lost his flair for the dramatic.

It’s so salacious, isn’t it? What kind of taboo could he be talking about? I mean, sure, you could make all sorts of lascivious statements which could apply to what he’s said, but that’s not really Kojima’s style. Is he going to challenge gameplay conventions in some way, or will he be trying to strike a raw nerve thematically? 

The possibilities are endless, of course. It’s fun to fantasize about it, though. What taboos would you like to see Kojima break?

Kojima Continues Next Project Tease [andriasang]

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