Koei Tecmo is teasing a new PC, PS4 and Switch-bound game

We’ll find out more next week

Koei Tecmo just put out a new teaser website, noting an upcoming PC, PS4 and Switch game. As translated by Gematsu, the description reads “the fated battle begins.” Okay so it has fire and an action-oriented tagline.

The announcement is going to be on December 6, which is near (but before) The Game Awards given the Japanese time zone difference. I really, really hope, somehow, that it’s a revival of the Deception series, or perhaps even a full reboot. It already came back on PS3/PS4/Vita with Deception IV: Blood Ties and was given a full expansion no less (!) so it clearly did well enough for the publisher to warrant a follow-up so quickly. The PS4 and Switch are the perfect top-selling consoles to bolster it further.

My wild guess: a hardcore GeoCities website creator based on the flame art.

12.6 [Koei Tecmo via Gematsu]

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