Koei Tecmo implies NX is a home console

More fuel on the fire

While we still don’t know anything official or on the record about the nature of Nintendo’s upcoming NX gaming hardware, pretty much everyone is expecting it to be a new home console of some sort that will take on the role of a Wii U successor in some shape or form. While Nintendo still has not confirmed this, third-party publishers are slowly painting a picture of the nature of the hardware.

Speaking to 4GamerKoei Tecmo President and CEO Yoichi Erikawa seemed to imply that the NX would as many suspected be a dedicated home console.

4Gamer: “Lately it seems that [home] consoles haven’t been doing too well, but is that the case? At least that’s what we’re wondering.”

Erikawa: “Actually, I think that it’ll start doing much better. The PlayStation 4 has recently surpassed 2 million units in nationwide sales, and Nintendo announced a new ‘machine’ called the NX. From this point forward, I believe that each company will make clear commitments for these machines.”

While this statement doesn’t rule out the idea of a home console and handheld hybrid, it does seem to imply that the NX is more comparable to the PS4 than to just a 3DS handheld successor.

So, how long do you lot think before we actually hear Nintendo talk about what the NX is?

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