Knuckle Sandwich is another peculiar RPG

Keep ’em coming

I could have sworn one of us had already touched on Knuckle Sandwich, but I guess not. This latest teaser is as fine of time as any to introduce the surreal role-playing game and its prominent noses.

The story, at least initially, has to do with a cult and missing people. Could the two be connected? Playing as a dude who is bored to tears of his new job at the diner, it’s on you to investigate.

As we learn in the video, the Puppy Store does not currently have any puppies in stock, but even if it did — and it will, one day! — they would not be for sale. However, the game will have “the option to own a pet cat that makes you happy.” Compromise!

Knuckle Sandwich creator Andrew Brophy says he’ll probably get the demo out before the next teaser video goes up. An extra something to look forward to, then.

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