Knock $10 off Final Fantasy XV on PC during release week (updated)

Well-timed savings

Update: Discount is now 22% off vs the previous 21% off.

If Final Fantasy XV‘s demo on the PC has you convinced, you might want to check out the currently available digital deals and get started on the pre-load as the download is a whopping 75GB. Even without 4K texture, the game comes in at 100GB uncompressed – so it’s no wonder that the pre-load for Final Fantasy has been ongoing since last Thursday.

As of writing, you can still get the Steam copy of the game for 21% off at GMG for $39.19. That’s $10.84 off the list price of $49.99 – which is basically the price you’ll find everywhere else legitimate. Generally, we list a number of deals from various retailers but so far we’ve only spotted GMG with an actual discount. No other authorized digital retailers are offering cash savings incentives of any kind – unless you consider The Sims 4 costume pack worth $10, we’ll skip out on mentioning the Origin “deal.”

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Deal

If you’re unsure how your system will perform with Final Fantasy XV, a benchmark tool is also available here. In general, while system requirements aren’t “demanding” – to play at moderate settings with decent texture and graphics you’ll most likely need a GTX 1050 or RX 560 class of GPU. From what we can tell, GPU in these performance ranges will net a benchmark result of “Standard” and “Fairly High” – which is sufficient without having to lower graphics settings.

The benchmark is only about 3.37GB while the playable demo is a 21GB download.

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