Knitting the Mario Scarf

Videogames have this funny tendency to capture the imagination. Some of us figurines, create Lego replicas, or even draw our favorite characters. For Cassie, her love of the NES version of Super Mario Brothers has translated to an endearing project called “The Mario Scarf.” Basically, the Mario scarf is a free-hand version of entire level 1-1 map offered by the guys over at Ian-Albert. Cassie is free-handing it because the pattern of the map is a bit too large to fit on one scarf.

At one point early in the process, Cassie found that her scarf was taking its toll on her mind and body. After slowing her work, Cassie eventually quit altogether. Recently, her boyfriend’s promise of marriage upon completion of the project has motivated her to finish. In fact, Cassie has created a blog dedicated to her new journey with the scarf. If you’re wondering about the progress, it is currently eight feet long and looking entirely way too cool.

This is definitely an awesome task at hand, and we all wish her the best. Check out her blog and see her awesome work thus far. I can’t wait to see the finished product. While we wait for Cassie to finish, tell me what you have created from your love of videogames.

Brad BradNicholson