Knights of the Old Republic remake reportedly still being worked on

Somehow, the KOTOR returned.

Back in 2021, a PlayStation showcase announced that Aspyr was developing the often-rumored remake of Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic. Sadly, that was pretty much the last positive piece of news we got out of that project โ€” up until now.

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In 2022, we learned that parent company Embracer Group had dropped Aspyr as the developer and chosen its own Saber Interactive as the replacement. A studio swap is usually troubling news, but the apparent writing on the wall came only three days ago when Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb said that โ€œthis game is not being worked on right now.โ€

Luckily, however, it seems like the rumors of the KOTOR remake’s death could have been exaggerated. Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier has tweeted that while he doesn’t know whether or not the game will ever come out, he reports from two sources at Saber Interactive that they are still working on it.

Embracer has yet to comment on the matter, so we still don’t know the company’s current plans for the remake. When asked about it during a recent Embracer financial presentation, CEO Lars Wingefors declined to provide a comment, saying “I notice anything I say to this becomes a headline, so that is my only comment.”

We might not learn much for a while, considering how Embracer is going through a troubled period. Volition was shut down, Free Radical reportedly faces closure, and its layoffs in just one quarter have reached titanic proportions.

The situation sucks, for developers and players. People who’ve played the original upon release and the many more who got to experience it in the two decades that have since passed would likely love to revisit Knights of the Old Republic in a remake. But whether that will ever actually happen or not remains unclear.

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