Knight’s Contract is Namco’s ‘brutal’ action game

Namco Bandai has a “brutal action game” in the works, as recently revealed by Japanese propaganda pamphlet Famitsu

Details on the new game as scarce thus far. We know there are at least two playable characters — Heinrich, a knight with a big scythe who has an unfortunate case of immortality, and the witch Gretchen, who has an unfortunate case of fighting intense battles with no armor on. 

Knight’s Contract is a ways off with its 2011 release window, but it seems like this is gearing up for a Western release as well as a Japanese one. Namco Bandai has promised that the game will provide “cruel and heroic” action, which is the best kind of action. 

Sounds like my kind of game in spirit. Hopefully we see it in practice soon.

Knight’s Contract Is Namco Bandai’s Next Action Epic [Siliconera]

Jim Sterling