Knight Club doesn’t really have Waluigi, Carl Winslow or Kiryu, but at least it’s free

A platform fighter with all the right moves and no micro-transactions

While writing for this week’s Waluigi-themed Nintendo Force, I reached out to the developers of Semblance, Wandersong, Slime-San, Pool Panic, and Knight Club to see if they’d be willing to make some custom Waluigi fan art in their respective game engines. They all obliged, which was amazing in and of itself, but then the Knight Club team went ahead and made mock-ups for Family Matters star Carl Winslow and Yakuza‘s Kazuya Kiryu to boot

These mock-ups will probably never reflect reality, which is a bummer, but it’s hard to complain considering the actual game will be free after August 30th to anyone who signs up for their also-free online newsletter.

Knight Club was created by Nathan Ranney, a fella I talked to on a show called Sup Holmes years ago. At that time, he was working on another platform fighter called Kerfuffle. Then Kerfuffle died, and Nathan cried. For a little while there it looked like he may have hung up the phone on game development for good, but it looks like he’s taken all the lessons he learned from Kerfuffle‘s struggles and applied them to making Knight Club a much more clean, focused, and well marketed game. Of course, he won’t be making a ton of money off of it as long as it’s free, but if things go as planned, he’ll be debuting a buffed up sequel soon enough, with a tentative release date set for “don’t worry about it“.

Jonathan Holmes
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