Kmart really wants you to buy Halo: Reach

As a cash register display in Seattle once told me, “Buy more … feel good!” Something like that, anyway.

If you haven’t already committed to getting Halo: Reach elsewhere, it’s worth mentioning that Kmart has a pretty slick promotion in the works. From September 14 through the 18th, you’ll receive a $25 off coupon for your next game purchase when you buy any version of Reach in store.

You also get $25 off instantly if you grab one of the following titles with your Bungie purchase: H.A.W.X. 2, R.U.S.E., Modern Warfare 2, Singularity, Transformers: War for Cybertron, Blur, Split Second, Kane and Lynch 2, Super Street Fighter IV, Lost Planet 2Final Fantasy XIII, Just Cause 2, Nier, Dark Star One: Broken Alliance, Alpha Protocol, Resonance of Fate, Metro 2033, Ninety Nine Nights 2.

Intriguing, eh?

Jordan Devore
Jordan is a founding member of Destructoid and poster of seemingly random pictures. They are anything but random.