Kiss your loved ones goodbye: Puzzle Quest 2 confirmed

I’m going to give it to you straight folks, I suspect shenanigans. It seems a little convenient to me that just before word of Puzzle Quest 2 being confirmed arrives, a big controversy is kicked up, distracting every forward thinking, morally just parent from the real menace. Think graphic alien orgies (with a little bit of game play somewhere, though I couldn’t find it) are bad? Just you wait until the youth of the world are all hopelessly addicted, drooling fiends, their poor little fingers fused to their respective controllers.

D3’s machiavellian schemes came to fruition today via a press release announcing Adam Robert’s addition to D3Publisher Europe as Managing Director. Insidiously, they simultaneously confirmed a sequel for the virtual heroin that is Puzzle Quest. The press release (viewable after the jump) mentions the confirmation of the sequel seemingly as an afterthought, as if to tease those of us fiending for another dose of that RPG style, puzzle-fighting golden brown. A despicably calculated move, but one I have to respect for the evil genius it reveals.

Puzzle Quest 2 looks to be planned for release this year. Stay strong my friends, together we can beat this terrible disease. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a meeting with D3, something about “the first one’s free.”

[Via GameAgenda — Thanks, Jonathan]

Adam Roberts joins D3Publisher of Europe as Managing Director

D3Publisher of Europe Ltd (D3PE), a publisher and developer of interactive entertainment software, has announced the appointment of Adam Roberts as Managing Director.

Adam joins D3PE having held roles as Vivendi’s UK Managing Director and Vice President of Europe, and as Sales Director for Empire Interactive. As part of his new position, he will be responsible for the sales, marketing and operational functions across Europe and the PAL regions, and will be based in D3PE’s Cambridge office.

“These are very exciting times for D3PE with Dark Sector shaping up to be one of the key action titles of 2008,” said Roberts. “A wealth of exciting new titles on both current and next gen over the coming months and a talented team will cement D3PE’s position as one of the fastest growing game publishers in Europe. D3PE will become a force to be reckoned, and I am delighted to be part of it.”

Adam brings over 17 years of industry experience to D3PE, and joins as the company looks to build on the success of its Flushed Away, Ben 10, Puzzle Quest and Earth Defence Force 2017 titles with the launch of Dark Sector: a stunning action title for PLAYSTATION®3 and Xbox 360 due for release in April. The company will also be releasing video games based on Aardman’s popular Shaun the Sheep character in 2008, alongside the eagerly-awaited follow-ups to the best-selling Ben 10 and Puzzle Quest.

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