Kirby on Unreal 4 is, uh, kind of unsettling

And other classics

Just like the Dtoid staff’s attempt at drawing him last year, Kirby on Unreal Engine 4 just doesn’t quite sit right. Maybe it’s the way his gums (gums?) flap open to suck up a whole lot of nothing. Maybe it’s a gritty filter on a lovable cartoon character. Whatever it is, even the deer know to run far away.

Kirby is just the latest classic to get the Kite project treatment from CryZENx, who’s uploading videos of iconic video game characters in Unreal 4. In the past two weeks, Mario, Sonic, Link, and the starter Pokemon have all gotten the same makeover. Eventually, it seems as if a version of the demo will be released where all of them intermingle.

CryZENx: If you want to make certain corners of the Internet explode, make it so Sonic can be realistically sucked up by Kirby. Just do it.

Brett Makedonski
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