Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the fastest-selling Kirby ever, second overall only to Dream Land

fastest-selling Kirby ever

It sold over four million since March 25

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the fastest-selling Kirby ever, according to a new passage from Nintendo’s latest financial report (page 13).

Here’s Nintendo’s breakdown:

Kirby and the Forgotten Land, released on March 25, saw global cumulative sellthrough in its first 15 weeks of over 4 million units. This marks the highest sellthrough of any entry to date in the Kirby series, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in April of this year.”

Despite being the fastest-selling Kirby ever, as of right now, Kirby’s Dream Land — the 1992 Game Boy original — is the only title in the series that is towering over it. Dream Land has held the title since the series started, and has peddled over five million copies to date according to Nintendo. Having beaten it at least 100 times on car rides for over a decade (the “Extra Game” playthrough addition was genius), this checks out! It’s crazy to think that all those years ago there was a Kirby game where Satoru Iwata served as a programmer, and Smash boss Masahiro Sakurai directed it.

How does this new figure relate to the overall big picture of Nintendo software? Well, Forgotten Land is doing pretty great overall! It has a long road ahead to crack into the top 10 all-time Switch list, and puts things into perspective where Kirby is, franchise-wise. The same thing goes for Metroid! These are big-time properties, but the games are generally smaller successes.

Thankfully, Nintendo isn’t pulling a Square Enix and is still putting Kirby games out. These numbers are definitely enough to keep things moving on this series, and we even have a spinoff coming in the next few months. Although a lot of franchises have peaks and valleys of popularity and are occasionally shelved, you really can’t keep Kirby down.

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