Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV is evidently doing well in theaters

Currently in 44 locations in Japan

Square Enix is determined to make Final Fantasy XV one of the biggest releases of the year. It doesn’t matter if the demand isn’t there — there’s a billion things you can consume related to it, including an anime series (with a packed-in final episode in the Special Edition), spinoff games, two demos, and a whole lot more.

Another big XV joint is Kingsglaive, the big budget CGI film that has one massively expensive English voiceover cast. According to box office receipts from Japan (having premiered earlier this month) it’s grossed 105,611,860 Yen (very close to one million USD). As Siliconera points out, this actually is quite good since it’s only being shown in 44 theaters. Reactions from viewers in Japan have also been positive.

It will also be released in “select theaters” in the US on August 19. I’ll be watching it eventually by way of the Deluxe Edition of XV I ordered earlier this year. I don’t have high hopes but I have heard decent things from friends who have seen it.

Kingsglaive [PR Times via Siliconera]

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