Kings Quest fan game is GO! Release July 10

Hell has frozen over, it is literally raining cats and dogs and pigs are flying. Activision has done something not evil, people. Yesterday it was announced that Activision, most likely behind the back of Satan Bobby Kotick, green lit The Silver Lining. That’s right, they are letting it get a release.

If you haven’t heard of The Silver Lining, it is a rather impressive looking fan-made King’s Quest game that Activision shut down right as developer Phoenix Online Studios was about to release it. They had been working on it for nearly a decade. However, after on outpouring of fan support Activision reached out to Phoenix Online, and here we are now with the game getting an actual release, though still without King’s Quest in the title.

The game is going to be released for free in episodes over the course of the rest of 2010 with the first episode, “What is Decreed Must Be,” landing on July 10. Every episode will be available for download at the game’s official site.

As you can tell from the screens below and the trailer above, a lot of love and hard work went into this game. It’s truly amazing that the world is getting a chance to play it now thanks to Activision actually listening to the fans.

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