Kingdom Under Fire II will wage war in the west in November

At my signal, unleash hell…

Following up on their announcement last month, publisher Gameforge has announced that fantasy MMORPG Kingdom Under Fire II will be arriving in the west this November on PC.

Originally launching over ten years ago, where it has since seen the light of day in Asia and Russia,  KUF II combines fantasy role-playing with real-time strategy to create an epic online experience. Players battle it out in an ever-expanding war between three factions: The Human Alliance, The Dark Legion and The Encoblossians, fighting for dominance within the fictional land of Bersia.

“Kingdom Under Fire 2 will offer an accessible and dynamic experience for many types of players,” said lead project manager Noemi Feller. “It will have higher drop rates and a more traditional RPG-centric gameplay balancing than found in many F2P titles, which we know some fans of the genre prefer... We look forward to introducing this long-awaited addition to the franchise to western markets this November.”

Pre-orders are now open over at the official Gameforge website, where Kingdom Under Fire II can be purchased in numerous content bundles, ranging from around $30 for the Hero Package all the way up to a princely $100 for the War God Package.

Kingdom Under Fire II launches on PC in North America and Europe in November.

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