Kingdom Under Fire II readies its armies for battle

And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks

We are a month away from the long-awaited western launch of Gameforge’s online RPG Kingdom Under Fire II, which has been tearing up the battlefields in Asia for almost ten years now.

Set in the mythical land of Bersia, KUF II concerns a seemingly never-ending war between three distinct factions: The Human Alliance, The Dark Legion and The Encoblossians, all of whom are waging battle in efforts to be the dominating party within the continent. KUF II blends direct control of singular characters with an RTS-style implementation of larger units, such as cannons and giant monsters.

Currently available to pre-order over at the official Gameforge site, Kingdom Under Fire II is available at three separate price points, offering players different packages of starting content to suit individual budgets. A standard edition of the game will set you back around $30, whereas the fully-committed “War God” edition retails for a somewhat pricer $100.

Kingdom Under Fire II launches on PC in North America and Europe in November.

Kingdom Under Fire II gets exciting new trailer [Windows Central]

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